My practice employs photography, printmaking and digital technologies to explore the affect of digitally mediated experiences on users and the paralleling virtual gaze on the body. As content circulates and technology extracts resources, the body has become a data asset. I interrogate the surveilled and commodified body and speculate on the way its extraction is shaping user’s agency and the epistemological shifts in our technological-milieu and future. ​

As reality is flattened into semiotic data-streams, I question how the definition of the real and self is distorted via the power of images. I use photography of my body and traversed spaces as documentation of my corporeal existence. I filter this immaterial visual information through software including biometric facial recognition, photogrammetry and other machine learning algorithms. Using computer optics as a methodology, my works are visual metaphors for the impact of digital mediation on the body, self, reality and future. ​

I extend my process by materialising images onto physical objects. The outcomes possess physicality as a conscious antithesis to the virtual images we consume via the luminosity of screens. The act of printing shifts the data again, as the information is transferred from a digitally printed surface to another one, elements of the image are altered. This process mimics the entropic nature of the infosphere’s data-stream which is epistemologically shifting the nature of a self and consensual reality.